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PL 48 Safe-T-Sponges ® used on a turbine floor.

PL 2C cleaning sponge is being used for cleaning and sounding elements before field installation. Cleaning Safe- T-Sponges® have an excellent reputation for debris removal. They are pneumatically pushed through tubes and can follow light radius bends.
Complex custom designed Safe-T-Sponges for nuclear turbine application. Improved Foreign Material Exclusion and time savings are possible with special designs.
We manufacture Safe-T-Sponges ® from 1” through 50”+ diameters (25 – 1250 mm) and special sizes. Boiler tube, turbine opening, pipe and valve repair F.M.E. are assured with PL series sponges.
PL-1.25s and PL-2s shown with boiler tubes. Boiler tube applications require durability, ease of use and low cost. Safe-T-Sponges ® provide cutting edge debris control for boiler repair professionals.
PL-48 Safe-T-Sponges ® used to seal steam turbine piping.
PL-12 Safe-T-Sponges ® assist in steam valve repair.
PL-50 provides long duration F.M.E. protection during this steam turbine overhaul.

A PL-6 and a PL-10 being used during an outage.

Revised low halogen Safe-T-Sponge ® products showing lot identification tags for nuclear customers.

RFID tracking technology available

RFID enabled Safe-T-Sponges are outage proven and offer cutting edge tracking ability. See more details here

PL-1 fits 1.25” O.D. supercritical water wall boiler tube

F.M.E. during boiler tube repair is critical. Small diameter, fossil Safe-T-Sponges ® were designed specifically for boiler tube repair. They are easy to use, reliable and inexpensive. In addition they are XRay visible. Upgrade your boiler tube Foreign Material Exclusion program with Advanced F.M.E. Products PL-1 through PL-4 Safe-T-Sponge ®.

Laminated enclosed (LE) custom Safe-T-Sponges® ®

Custom Safe-T-Sponges® can be made from prints for hard to fit unusual openings.
A PL-12 used on site - round sponges are available from 1 - 40” in stock

NPL-2.5R RFID enabled Safe-T-Sponge ®

Patented RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) allows excellent inventory tracking of sponges during use. Part and serial numbers are custom ‘written’ to individual RFID chips. These chips are assembled within protected areas of the sponge. Custom hardware and software are rented for outage use.
Safe-T-Sponges® are available with or without laminate in various sizes.
Irregular shapes and sizes can be made from emailed prints.
PL-2 attached to ADV-67 lanyard protect this flange opening. Our lanyards are high strength with stainless steel carabiners at each end. Available in standard 6’ and custom lengths they allow quick and strong attachment and removal of Safe-T-Sponges ®. Lanyard attachment is standard ‘best practice’ in nuclear applications and gaining acceptance during fossil outages.
Laminated Safe-T-Sponges® like this L-PL-8 offer extra heat resistance if needed.
LE (Laminated Enclosed) Sponges are covered on all sides with laminate offering improved durability.
PL-2s protect fossil boiler tubes during and after weld prepping. Safe-T-Sponges ® were originally developed for boiler tube repair and replace hand made ‘gags’. Supplied standard with ID tags or available with RFID technology QC managers and Superintendants can provide controlled, high quality, low cost debris control during outages. X-Ray visible, flame resistant, protected by flame retardant high visibility white laminate and proven during hundreds of outages. Safe-T-Sponges ® are the standard for boiler tube F.M.E.
Large diameter ‘doughnut’ sponge surrounds a PL-6. Doughnut sponges allow quick F.M.E. on piping that surrounds a smaller, interior pipe. This is one of many ‘specials’ manufactured by Advanced F.M.E. Products.
A set of special turbine extraction port sponges. These sponges can be de-formed to pass through turbine shell man-ways allowing improved F.M.E.

Doughnut sponge surrounding a PL-24

Here is another application where a special and standard Safe-T-Sponge ® provide improved Foreign Material Exclusion.
Multiple sizes of Safe-T-Sponges ® provide F.M.E. on this turbine application. These sponges are quickly installed and deform to provide excellent sealing.
This large diameter Safe-T-Sponge ® effectively seals a steam turbine port. Proprietary construction allows excellent deformation and easy installation.

PL-8 sponges protecting valve openings

Reliable Foreign Material Exclusion; Safe-T-Sponges ® maintain compression indefinitely to protect openings.

Doughnut sponge surrounding a PL-24

Here is another application where a special and standard Safe-T-Sponge ® provide improved Foreign Material Exclusion.
PL 2C’s are used for tube sounding. Available from 1” to 4.25” O.D. sizes.
PL-2 being used to seal a crankcase vent during restoration of a Pontiac GTO.


Specials used for debris control during auto assembly.

Advanced F.M.E. Products

Safe-T-Sponge ®

Safe-T-Sponge products help keep tubes, piping and machinery openings debris free during repair operations. They are used in fossil, nuclear, hydro and gas turbine power plants as well as various industrial applications.

A wide range of standard models and sizes are available to help meet specific applications. Special designs are quickly available for non-circular openings.

We adhere to low halogen product content practices and chemically test for halogens, metals and certain chemicals inconsistent with stainless alloy contact. We manufacture and inventory at our Mentor (Cleveland) Ohio facility.

Nuclear & Turbine Safe-T-Sponge ® Available in standard round sizes and can be custom made to irregular ports - designed with nuclear standards in mind.

Fossil, Boiler Tube & Turbine Safe-T-Sponge ® Keep tubes and pipes clean during weld prep and repair operation. Available in standard sizes and specials custom made from drawings.

Cleaning Safe-T-Sponge ® Available for pneumatic sounding of tubes.

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News & Announcements

October 25, 2016 - Patent Awarded

Advanced F.M.E. Products has been awarded U.S. Patent number 9,476,534 related to foreign material exclusion. This patent continues our product development efforts.

October 2016 - New Factory

We have moved into our new, larger facility. We updated an existing building to manufacture our Safe-T-Sponge and other foreign material exclusion products with improved efficiency. Please note our new address 9413 Hamilton Drive, Mentor, Ohio 44060-8709. Phone and fax will remain the same numbers.

All of us at Advanced F.M.E. Products are deeply grateful to our customers. It is because of your support that we are able to grow. Thank You!


August 2016 - Smart Lanyard tm

Our new, innovative 'Smart Lanyard' technology is designed to assist FME professionals improve debris control. Contact factory for details.


January 28, 2016 - Logo Contest

The new logo contest for the FME Industry Working Group was won by our Cynthia Hido. Prior to working with Advanced F.M.E. Products Cynthia was a graphic artist and advertising manager. Congratulations Cindi! 


November, 2015 - 3 D printing

We've purchased a 3 D printer and related software. This investment will help special designs and product development.

September 15, 2015 - Patent Awarded

Advanced F.M.E. Products was awarded U.S. Patent number 9,133,727 relating to foreign material exclusion. This patent is part of our efforts toward continuous product improvement.




July 13, 2015 - Patent Awarded

Advanced F.M.E. Products has been awarded U.S. Patent number 8,967,203 relating to foreign material exclusion. This patent is part of our efforts toward continuous product improvement.

April 9, 2013 - New "LE" Laminate Enclosed Safe-T-Sponge ®

New "LE" (laminate enclosed) Safe-T-Sponges ® are available from 4" through 16" (LE - 4 through LE - 16) as a special order. Sponges are covered on all sides by our new laminate offering improved durability. Please contact factory for details, pricing and delivery.

November 15, 2012 – Improved Laminate

Our improved, optional laminate is in production for PL-5 through PL-50, SQ series and special sponges.  This laminate improves flame resistance and durability over standard Safe-T-Sponge ® products.  It offers ultra-low (under 350 ppm) halogens, increased flexibility and orange FME color. 

Flammability testing per IEC 60695 method 2-12 achieved a GWFI temperature of 1,380 deg. F/750 C. This is a short term test of the laminated sponge surface only. The standard recommended max operating temperature of all Safe-T-Sponge ® products remains at 212 deg. F/100 C.

November 15, 2012 – Square Safe-T-Sponge ®

Square Safe-T- Sponges ® are now available.  SQ-24 (24” x 24”), SQ-36 (36 x 36) and SQ-48 (48” x 48”) provide large FME for square openings. 

Sept. 7, 2011 - Advanced F.M.E. Products expands

Advanced F.M.E. Products, Inc. has expanded its manufacturing space by over 60%. This is our second expansion since 2006. This additional room allows increased inventory and customer service. We are now able to more efficiently produce standard Safe-T-Sponges ®. In addition, specials can be manufactured in less time. In conjunction with this expansion we have made our largest expenditure ever of material handling equipment. Thank you to our customers for supporting our growth!

August 17, 2011 - Update to Technical Advisory to Nuclear Customers of July 8, 2011

We have implemented corrective actions outlined in the Advisory. Production and shipments of revised Safe-T-Sponge ® products began the first week of August. A two-step independent test run/production run chemical analysis was performed on the foam production batch. The following is a summary of results:Read More

Past News & Announcements

Advisory to Nuclear Customers July 8, 2011

June 5, 2011 - Technical Advisory to F.M.E. Products Customers

March 4, 2011 News Flash - Advanced F.M.E. Products granted U.S. Patent for RFID enabled Safe-T-Sponge ® foreign material exclusion device

Nov. 30, 2010 Technical Advisory to Advanced F.M.E. Products

Customer Testimonials
“Thanks (for making) a product that addresses the Nuclear industry’s need to have products with low ICGS chemical impurities” Nuclear Site Engineer
“a quality and useful product..."F.M.E. Professional
“ We’ve specified your sponges on our outages and use them in our F.M.E. training program.”Boiler Contractor QC Manager
“Use me as a reference; the Safe-T-Sponges® are great!”Nuclear Plant F.M.E. Coordinator
“Excellent debris control”Boiler Contractor C.W.I/Q.C. Mgr
“You saved us half a shift”Turbine O.E.M. Superintendent
“Our guys like your sponges”Turbine O.E.M. Field Supervisor
“The PL-16 really worked well on our impeller repair”Fossil Plant Superintendent


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